The Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi is a landlocked country in the southeast of the African continent. Bordered by Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique, Malawi is a vibrant country offering an ideal combination of natural wonders (including Lake Malawi and Mount Mulanje) to attract tourists as well as an emerging and rapidly diversifying economy to appeal to investors.

Among Malawi’s many attributes are a stable and mostly warm climate, good international airports and a plethora of accommodation options ranging from 5 stars to affordable backpackers lodges. Malawi is not only one of the safest countries in the region but is also known as one of the friendliest which is what gives rise to its moniker, “The Warm Heart of Africa”.

Malawian Flag

A horizontal triband of black, red, and green; charged with a red rising sun with 31 rays centred on the black stripe.

The black represents the indigenous people of Malawi, the red symbolizes the blood of their struggle, and the green represents nature.


Some passport holders may be able to obtain a visa on arrival in Malawi (Australian and New Zealand) at major airports and border crossings (during business hours.) However, for convenience and peace of mind, it is recommended to obtain your VISA prior to travel to Malawi.

Note, arrivals in Malawi are required to provide a negative SARS Cov-2 PCR test certificate obtained within 10 days prior to arrival in Malawi. Passengers arriving without the certificate shall be denied entry. All arriving passengers will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days during which time they will be followed up by the health authorities.

To apply for your visa visit the official Malawi Government Immigration page.

Visas and Permits


It is not possible to obtain a replacement Malawian passport in Australia. Presently, the only option is to obtain a new passport when you next visit Malawi.

If you are in Australia and your passport expires while the COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place then the Consulate in Australia would provide an emergency travel document to go to Malawi but that document only allows for one way travel directly to Malawi. Upon arrival in Malawi, you would need to apply for a replacement passport.

Police Certifications

To obtain a police clearance you will require the following:

+ Fingerprints (attached in separate emails)
+ High-quality colour copy of passport – certified as a true copy by your local police station
+ Copy of drivers license – if you have one, certified as a true copy by your local police station
+ All residential addresses in Malawi for the entire time you were there
+ Western Union Money order USD325.00 in favour of “Government of Malawi” – together with the Test Question Answer.
+ Nominate the recipient as:

Malawi Police Service Headquarters,
Private Bag 305,

This amount is calculated as USD$300 for the application and USD$25 for postage and handling. The fees are prescribed under the Police Special Service Charges in the Police Act 2010.

Documents may be certified as true copies by Australian police officers or lawyers.

Drivers Licence

If you require your Malawian driver’s license to be verified for the purposes of converting across to an Australian license the Consulate may be able to assist.

Please send a certified copy of your license to the Consulate by email together with an explanation of why you require your license to be certified. Please also include a second form of identification (Malawian or Australian passport) to assist.

Documents may be certified as true copies by Australian police officers or lawyers.

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